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The angle requirements of the air outlet of the air shower room

information | Release time:2021-06-18

Press the up and down keys for about 10 seconds, the Chongqing air shower time can be adjusted. So what are the requirements?

The single-person double-air shower is a special passage set up for the staff to enter and exit the clean area, which can effectively reduce the amount of dust brought into the clean room. At the same time, it acts as an air lock chamber to prevent the intrusion of unclean air. It can ensure that the clean room meets the required cleanliness working in with the clean air conditioning system.

The clean airflow filtered inside is sprayed on people from all directions through a rotatable nozzle, thereby effectively and quickly removing dust. The dust particles are filtered through the main filter and recycled back.

In order to achieve the spray effect, the wind speed of the nozzle air outlet of the air shower room can be up to 25m/s or more, and the wind speed for people can be lower by 18m/s. The initial time is set to 15 seconds.

Tips of air shower room maintenance:

1. Regularly measure the technical indicators of the equipment with the instrument. If it does not meet the technical parameter requirements, it should be dealt with in time.

2. According to actual usage, regularly remove the filter material from the primary air filter for cleaning.

3. When the wind speed is found to be low, first check whether the surface of the air filter is black. If it is black, it means that there is too much dust in the pre-filter and the resistance becomes larger, that is, the non-woven fabric in the primary air filter should be removed, cleaned or replaced.

4.After replacing or cleaning the non-woven fabric, if the wind speed still cannot be increased, it means that the air filter has been blocked and the resistance has increased. The air filter should be replaced.

5. When replacing the filter, remove the spray ball plate, take out the filter, and replace the new air filter according to the original filter specifications. When installing, confirm the arrow mark on the filter point to the direction of the airflow. And make sure the seal is good to prevent leakage.