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Clean room and sterile room needing to install air shower

information | Release time:2021-06-18

The general air shower room is a special channel specially set up for work management personnel and materials to enter the clean room. The main purpose of the company is to reduce the dust and bacteria we bring into the clean room when the staff and material information enter the clean room. At the same time, it is to develop the airlock room airtight clean room. Installed between the clean room and non-clean room environment, it is a necessary passage for entering the clean room. Why do clean rooms and sterile rooms need to be installed in the air showers?

The Chongqing air shower room uses high efficiency air filters to filter the air flow, and then sprays the workers and materials from different directions through rotating nozzles to remove and reduce dust particles on the surfaces of people and materials. The dust air is recirculated through the primary and high efficiency filters. The overall design of the air shower room is a combination of power and fluid, and it is a fully automatic infrared sensor shower. The entire process is operated by human voice prompts. The double door interlock is used, and the door cannot be opened or left at the same time. While the air shower is on, the two doors should be closed for forced showering.

The equipment management in the air shower room is generally the pre-filter, the main filter, the air inlet and the blower, and the filtration technology efficiency of the pre-filter is about 15%. The main purpose is to remove some relatively coarse dust particles, and this filter system device design can be used to wash the dust by using water or a vacuum cleaner; the main filter is mainly to filter the dust above 0.3um, which can filter basically 99.99% dust. The above filtering efficiency is very fragile for this kind of information filtering equipment resource department, so when the company has traffic jams, it must be re-analyzed and processed; the main reason for the air jet is to remove the dust particles attached to the human body. The effect trying to achieve is to strip the particles; the blower is mainly to produce a cycle of clean air quality.

Under normal circumstances, the air shower is installed at the entrance of a clean room or a sterile room. It is generally used for the maintenance of the air shower room equipment, and it needs to be cleaned within a certain period of time according to the situation. For the front filter, it can be rinsed with water or vacuum For example, it is normally to replace every three months. The main filter is tested two to four times a year. The cleaning workshop should determine whether the equipment should be replaced according to the wind speed or pressure value.