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The reason why the purification workshop needs humidification

information | Release time:2021-06-18

Generally speaking, purification plants have strict requirements for constant temperature and constant humidity, not only for the temperature and humidity in the plant, but also for the fluctuation range of temperature and humidity in the plant. Therefore, corresponding measures need to be taken in the air handling of the purification air-conditioning system, such as cooling and removing dampness in summer, and heating and humidification in winter. There are many methods often used for the humidification of the purification air-conditioning system. Why does Chongqing purification workshop need humidification?

Water spray, high-pressure spray, dry steam spray, and electrode humidification are all useful methods to purify the room for humidification. These methods or many of them can guarantee the humidity in the purification plant, but if the accuracy of the relative humidity in the purification plant is too high, the high-pressure spray, wet film, ultrasonic, etc. are all water humidification. To make the humidity range more accurate, dry steam humidification and electrode heating humidification methods are used. Although the investment in this method is relatively high, it is inevitable if you want to strictly control the constant temperature and humidity effect of the air conditioning and humidification system.

For many areas where the relative humidity is not so strict, the humidification capacity is also very large, and it is generally suitable for large industrial plants and air-conditioned rooms. The relative humidity will be controlled in the high-precision steam humidification, electrode-type humidification investment and in the air conditioning humidification system of some clean workshops with strict requirements of constant temperature and humidity, such as a microbiology laboratory, or a clean operating room, etc., which all require such a strictly controlled constant temperature and humidity system.