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The humidity required for mold formation in a clean workshop

information | Release time:2021-06-18

In the application of cleaning workshops, in addition to the actual operation and cleaning of mayfly particle emulsions with different particle size distributions according to the requirements of the clean room level, the actual operation of the bacterial cells is also one of the key points of geographical environment supervision. It has strict requirements on bacteria especially in the cleaning workshops or laboratories used in pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, microbial strains and the food industry.

In daily life, the most widespread is the conversion of mold. According to foreign literature and empirical research, the mold in the cleaning workshop is caused by a certain environmental humidity standard. Generally speaking, the mold will not generate when the actual operation of the GMP purification room in the pharmaceutical industry is below 70%. Therefore, relative to GMP monitoring points, the alarm limit set by the environmental humidity monitoring camera is always 60%. The action limit is 70%. Only in the long-term relatively high humidity air condition can there be a risk of mold generation. If the surface environment humidity rises to 100% from 60% for over 3 hours a day, there will be a risk of mold generation. If the environmental humidity on the surface of the cleaning workshop reaches 80%, and it lasts for than 12 hours a day, the probability of mold generation is very high.